Roots in a Southern Landscape

Nancy HartneyMy family and I come from Georgia, and while they have mostly died off or moved further south, I still say I hail from Atlanta. Great-great grandfather wore grey and fought in The War while my granddaddy was a used car salesman. My daddy was a dirt farmer and Mama a school teacher. Growing up years happened in that strip along the south Georgia-north Florida line on a hard scrabble tobacco farm. We raised hogs, corn and, for a time, cotton. I have lived in California, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, and Texas. Sweet tea is my beverage of choice whenever I’m not sipping bourbon and branch.

I write short stories and flash fiction, set in the Deep South. Washed in the Water: Tales from the South, my 2013 debut collection, and a second collection, If the Creeks Don’t Rise November 2016, can be ordered from Pen-L Publishing or Amazon. The Washed in the Water won Best Fiction 2014 from Ozarks Writers League, Missouri. It also garnered the OWL President’s Award.

My short stories have appeared in Seven Hills Review, Voices and Echoes of the Ozarks, three regional anthologies. Western tales have been published in Cactus Country, Best of Frontier Tales, and Rough Country. I’ve won numerous awards for short stories and western tales.

I contribute non-fiction articles and photographs to The Chronicle of the Horse, Sidelines, Ozark Mountaineer, and the Horsemen’s Roundup. My book reviews have appeared in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, touring articles and photographs in American Iron, general interest pieces in the Northwest Arkansas Times, and DoSouth. Additionally look for me on the e-zine Dead Mule, and in the Washington County historical quarterly, Flashback.

A member of the writing community, I work with Ozark Writers League, Missouri; Ozark Creative Writers, Arkansas; Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.; and Tallahassee Writers Association, Florida. Additionally, I enjoy working with Dickson Street Writers, Ozarks Mountain Guild, and Writers Guild of Arkansas for spot-on critiques.


5 responses to “Roots in a Southern Landscape

  1. I just want to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. It’s a way to promote and recognize small and/or new blogs. You can check out my nomination here:

    I enjoy your writing very much!

    • Many thanks for the nomination. I’m still trying to figure out how to pass the Liebster along to the next nominee. And, how to find those small bloggers out there.

      • I’ll have to look back at my post, but I think the directions are on there. In terms of finding small bloggers out there, I just typed in a blog topic, checked out what popped up, and then looked to see how many followers were listed. If it was less than 200, I copied the urL and name so I could let the person (like you!) know that I appreciated your writing. Hope this helps a little. It does take time, so plan for several hours!

  2. I was just visiting your website and reading through your travel blurbs. I loved it! It makes me want to travel so badly. I had one month in Europe in 2013 and it wasn’t nearly enough. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I was here and can’t believe it took me so long to get here.

  3. Thanks for the comments on travel writing. I’m taking a fun trip to NYC in April, hoping to connect with a bud while there, and then to write some flash pieces when I get back. Consider traveling to a writers conference — that way, you get your travel fix and hone your writing tools.

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