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Remember the Little Engine That Could?

I have managed to become a published poet. That’s where The Little Engine That Could comes in. It may be a children’s tale but out of the mouths of babes, comes wisdom. “April 30, 1975: An Ending with Footnotes” has been selected for May publication by Dash Literary Journal, California State University, Fullerton, in the essay/hybrid category.  The work is based on the last day the United States military was in Vietnam and calls attention to that era as well as reflects on subsequent wars. “April 30, 1975” was a bit unusual, being a mix of poetry, news facts, and… Read more Remember the Little Engine That Could?


A writing workshop is a two-way street between the ‘shop leader and the participants. Questions, handouts, reading lists, discussion, and impromptu suggestions make for a cornucopia of information, a chance to refresh skills and focus on the latest changes as well as offering pleasurable networks. Here Village Writing School offers short fiction workshop with Nancy Hartney.

Regional Authors Networking

There is certainly nothing better than meeting fellow writers and authors and trading information.  That happened in aces at the Bella Vista Public Library (AR), on Saturday, September 16.  I had a chance to meet friends and make new friends. Bought several books and sold several. Love it all.

Postcards Are Tucked Into My Latest Book

My latest collection of short stories, If the Creek Don’t Rise: Tales from the South, has postcard fiction tucked among the pages. The series of cards from Angie to Sis loosely pins 14 short stories and six flash fiction tales into a whole. The Oklahoma City Writers and I had a grand time talking about “If the Creek Don’t Rise” on March 18, 2017. The book format, original drawings by Susan Raymond, and the succinct cards make the collection a fine read and fun gift. (It’s  available from Pen-L Publishing… Read more Postcards Are Tucked Into My Latest Book

A Gift from a Friend…

My lastest collection of short stories, If the Creek Don’t Rise, hit store shelves late November. A friend recently got in touch to let me know she had read my book. Her comments delighted me and made me humble– again. I am amazed at my readers as they always find layers of meaning and ideas in my tales that I had not recognized before. Here’s what she said: “I just finished your southern tales in if the creek don’t rise. … I especially enjoyed the lush description which provided a… Read more A Gift from a Friend…

Holidays and Books and Reading

One of my cherished memories was an annual Christmas gift of a book from my mother. She had an uncanny knack for picking out a read perfect for me. One year she choose The Hands of Cantu by Tom Lea. The book was about a vaquero in old California that trained horses. Her enclosed note said simply, “these hands had a special talent as I am sure yours do.” At that point in my life I was riding horses as often as I could saddle up. Mother had once ridden… Read more Holidays and Books and Reading