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Summer thoughts

. . . come in small packages like this haiku by Issa:

          To the sounds of horses

           munching grass,

           fireflies dance.  

Summer has special joys.  Pulling weeds, cooking out, watching hummingbirds, feeling sweat trickle down your face, shooing daddylonglegs, sitting under a fan – the list goes on.  


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What Now?

Recently I stumbled across Lucas Farrell, a poet.  His advice to writers – don’t get trapped into thinking you must publish—struck me first. Concentrate on your next poem, your next story, your next song, your next expression.  That’s all that’s necessary. The thought resonates in my mind as I tread my way through my own writing shoals.  For him, publication of “The Many Woods of Grief” only took two years and twenty-five contests to come to fruition.  Do you think blogging counts?


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