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Getting It Right

Excellent advice – when doing research call experts. They love it and you get the real facts.

Velda Brotherton

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You wouldn’t call this lily a rose

Those of us who write nonfiction know we have to “get it right.” But often fiction authors aren’t as careful. When I’m reading fiction and see something way off base I often stop reading. Why didn’t this writer take the time to find out how something really works? My husband is an avid reader, a gun lover and an auto and airplane mechanic. Nothing annoys him more than to run across a character in a fiction story who does something absolutely wrong when it comes to guns, cars or airplanes. There are experts like him in every field and chances are, some of them will read our books and experience the same reaction.

We may be writing fiction, but we need to get the real stuff right. Gone are the days when we could make up everything and get away with it.


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California Chrome still shining. . .

Remember the  rags-to-riches red colt California Chrome? The horse from the west coast bred by regular fellers Steve Coburn and Perry Martin? Jump back ’cause Chrome won the Horse of the Year Eclipse Award for 3-year-old males at the cermony and dinner Saturday night, Gulfstream Park, Florida.

The National Thorouighbred Racing Association, Daily Racing Form, and the National Turf Writers and Broadcasters vote on the Eclipse Awards.That means knowledgeable horse people look at the total record of these athletes and, based on that record, make the awards. In addition, Chrome has earned more than $4 million and six victories out of nine starts. Not too shabby.



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Places on a writing journey . . .

Ever heard the adage “the more things change the more they remain the same”?   Here’s a change I’m loving.

The New York Times recently commented on a “new” art form—an audio story without a book. Case in point is Jeffery Deaver, author of 35-plus thrillers and “The Starling Project.” It’s a globe-hopping mystery produced as audio drama. That’s right, no print edition. Deaver has told his story as a test case for his fans and those listeners that crave a good tale told with sound effects.

This “new” art form reminds me of evenings at home around the radio enthralled by “Gunsmoke” with William Conrad’s voice as Matt Dillon. Who can forget the chills of the psychic vigilante known as “The Shadow” narrated by Orson Wells? Or the “Amos and Andy” comedy hour show? Even earlier, remember those ghost stories told dark of night around the campfire?

Stories told by the power of sound, old-time radio drama at its best reemerging as audio fiction or audio theater. I’m looking forward to the do-over, recycle, re-invent storytelling and other movements. Stay tuned. Up next may be small shops on side streets. Hard-back print books. Christmas cards in the mail. Homemade jam. Family gardens. Home chicken flocks. Thank you notes. Gotta smile.




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