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A Gift from a Friend…

My lastest collection of short stories, If the Creek Don’t Rise, hit store shelves late November. A friend recently got in touch to let me know she had read my book. Her comments delighted me and made me humble– again. I am amazed at my readers as they always find layers of meaning and ideas in my tales that I had not recognized before. Here’s what she said:

“I just finished your southern tales in if the creek don’t rise. … I especially enjoyed the lush description which provided a strong sense of place for the gritty characters and plots. The Angie postcard interludes were an ingenious way to knit the stories together; they provided the contrasting sunny voice of an outside observer to the same dark “doings” locales. Also, Susan’s delightful illustrations, and even the chapter typeface, added to the ambiance of the South. I look forward to sending your books to my sister and friend for them to enjoy in the New Year.”
–SHZimmer, poet

Thanks for the comment. Thanks for the support. Thanks for the 2017 start.  creekdontrise_frontsm_10-2


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