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Readings from If the Creek Don’t Rise: Tales from the South


A second collection of 14 short stories,  six flash fiction pieces, and four postcards with original drawings by Susan Raymond, is available for library gatherings and book club discussions. The hard-used characters, tangled relationships, family angst, and fortitude allow the reader to step into the Deep South. The lives and hardships, hopes and dreams of folk who have noting except grit–and sometimes love– as their currency come alive in these pages.

Readings from Washed in the Water:Tales from the South 

Nancy Hartney reads from her debut collection of short stories, Washed in the Water: Tales from the South, published July 2013. She reads excerpts in a rich honey voice then tells you the the story behind the story.  Her slice of life tales chronicle a time past that is poignant, vivid, and sometimes brutal. The reader stares into the eyes of people struggling with living, grasping for understanding, doing the best they know how.

Southern Customs and Folklore 

Nancy Hartney writes about the Deep South chronicling a time not quite past influencing society today. She discusses folkways and social mores in the South that find traction in today’s society.  These customs, illustrated in her acclaimed book, can introduce the regional newcomer to southern traditions while connecting home folks to past memories.

Critique Groups: Who Needs Them?

Your friends think you have a gift for writing. Your spouse says your work is “fine.” But you have trouble getting published. Is it time for you to consider feedback from a critique group? This 45-minute workshop explores critique group pros and cons including meeting options, do’s and do not’s of participation, submission guidelines, and constructive yet honest feedback that strikes the best balance for your writerly growth. Can’t find a group? How-to suggestions for finding a compatible group or form your own. Find your inner author through a group that helps you build your craft.

Right Every Day. Wait! Is That Write? How to Manage Your Writing (Righting) Time

How many times have you heard that you must write every day to improve your skills and develop good habits? How are you to manage your writing time? Where does reading and reviewing the craft of others fit into the equation? What about recreational reading? This 45-minute workshop offers insight into finding material, renewing your inner creative self, and honing your skill set with interactive exercises and solid take-home tips.

Short Stories: Small Gems in the World of Books

Oral traditions dating from the earliest campfires to the printed story focus on short narratives. Often the novice writer sets sights on a novel but huge tomes and sagas may not be the best use of your  writing time. Learn how to hone your sentences and distill your narrative into concise tales for magazine and anthologies or your book length collection. You can also build your reader platform, maximize market opportunities, and develop journalistic skills by delving into non-fiction articles. ‘Small Gems’ offers the why and how of writing ‘short’ as a viable tool in your author’s repertoire. Interactive exercises and take home tips are part of this 45-minute workshop.

 Nancy Hartney

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